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Home Is Where the Heart Is. Coda Makes It Where the Office Is.

Nov 17

Many individuals have been lucky enough for years to be able to work from home. These days, of course, millions more of us are working from home to promote COVID safety. Some see limitations in that, but at Coda at Bryant Street, we have all the more exciting ways to make the most of working from home.

Here are a few tips to help make working from home easy, and how Coda provides the new apartments in NE DC that make that happen:

Stick to Business Hours and Maintain a Routine

Experts in the work-from-home trend agree that it’s important to treat business days as exactly that, even if your “commute” is just from your kitchen to a desk in your living room. Have a good breakfast and be settled in at work on time, in real clothes. Bunny slippers out of the laptop camera’s view are fine; that favorite old t-shirt you bought at a concert years ago, not. Also, keep in mind that Zoom doesn’t have a “Hide Bedhead” video filter. Living in a home with an easy-flowing floor plan like those at Coda at Bryant Street make a workday routine all that much easier. Now you don’t have to feel guilty or rushed if you hit the Snooze button one more time!

Establish a Dedicated Workspace, But Take Advantage of Ways to Switch It Up

There’s home life and work life, even if they’re in the same place. To help maintain a daily work schedule, create an area of your home that is for work only, whether it’s a desk in the living room or a slightly repurposed extra bedroom. Define it as your work zone; it will help you stay focused and productive.

That said, make the most of your new freedom to occasionally migrate to alternative work spots. Coda at Bryant Street makes that work-from-home perk fun to enjoy. With available balconies and a beautiful outdoor courtyard that includes tables and lounge seating, the fresh air energizes you whenever you choose.

Coda’s Mezzanine level also offers spaces where you can collaborate professionally with your neighbors or still work solo in a relaxed setting for those moments when you need a change of venue.

Take Breaks, and Make the Most of Them

In the traditional working world, taking a break usually meant consciously moving away from your desk and around the office or a few minutes of gossip in the lunch room. Today, breaks during the work day are redefined completely, especially at Coda at Bryant Street. If you’ve always liked to get in a quick workout on your lunch hour, you still can, and your favorite gym is only as far away as the one right here in Coda. Boost your heartbeat, your metabolism and your brain’s creativity right at home.

Coda at Bryant Street lets you maximize workday breaks away from home, too. Explore your Northeast neighborhood, grab lunch at a local eatery, people-watch and check out the street art along the Metropolitan Branch Trail, or window-shop at stores around the corner, you name it – but you’ll still be back at work with time to spare.

Working from home, whether you have to or you simply choose to, is easy when your “home office” is Coda at Bryant Street. Spirited Northeast DC beats any hectic central business district or bland office complex. With your new home’s design and all of Coda’s amenities, every day can be a chance to enjoy all the comforts of work.