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Take a DIY Approach to Dessert at Mr. Yogato

Aug 31

If there’s one thing you can get to cheer yourself up on a rough day, it’s froyo. There’s something instantly mood-boosting about designing your own sweet treat with all your favorite things drizzled atop. Don’t you agree? That’s why Mr. Yogato is loved by so many! Always there for you in a pinch on a bad day, or honestly a good day you just want to make a million times better. 

To start, you choose a cup: little, middle, or huge. Then, fill it up! You choose your own flavors and go to town. Favorites are the yango maasango (mango), Marco’s passion (passionfruit), chumako chai (spiced chai), duffuccino (cappuccino), and the snuggy gus-gato (chocolate mint). No one is totally sure where the names come from, but they’re tasty, so it is what it is. After you have your cup filled with your favorite froyo, it’s toppings time. You can choose one topping for a dollar, two for $1.50, or the “go crazy” option which they explain as whatever they can reasonably fit inside the cup for $2.00. Obviously, the best option is the go crazy. Toppings range from all the fresh fruit you can imagine to chocolaty favorites like Junior Mints or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.