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Take a DIY Approach to Your Halloween Costume at Meeps

Oct 11

In need of an epic Halloween costume or two to celebrate the holiday in style? Head to Meeps! This local staple has been around for over 25 years, supplying the city with all the charming vintage finds and eclectic thrift store favorites that are great for everyday wear, but also super useful for DIY Halloween costumes. Depending on the year, they also have a wide selection of costumes for sale if you’re not into DIY. 

Not sure where to begin? Here are two ideas we love. A ’70s bohemian is a pretty easy one to put together at a thrift store. Find some fun sunglasses or faux glasses, a bit of chunky jewelry in bright bold colors, a lacy dress, and some Western-style boot. Mary Poppins is also a fun one. A simple blouse, long black skirt, and blazer are really all you need. Extra points if you can find the top hat and umbrella! Honestly, go in without a plan and see what your imagination comes up with!