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For a Delicious Filipino Meal, Try Balangay!

Feb 19

 Recently opening its doors to the public, whet your appetite with a savory meal from Balangay! Open Thursday – Sunday from 5 p.m. – 10 p.m., they serve Filipino cuisine with all sorts of food and drinks to enjoy. They even have vegan-friendly dishes for all the non-meat eaters out there like Pancit, Special Ensaladang, and their green beans dish. 

A few more items you’ll see on the menu include fried calamari, special smoked squash soup, fried chicken adobo, and crispy pork belly. For desserts, they offer Biko and Special Drunken Turon. If you want to add a beverage to your meal, a few yummy signature cocktails to try are Palawa, Tama-RUM, and Majin Ube. You’ll find each of the dishes has unique ingredients full of yummy flavors like the crispy pork belly cooked with coconut tamarind sauce and fingerling potatoes. And the special smoked squash soup, created with ginger, lemon grass, and cilantro. 

You can stay for a while and eat your meal in a spacious, relaxed setting or if you prefer eating at home, place your order for delivery instead.