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Step into The Capital Candy Jar for a Sweet Valentine’s Day treat!

Feb 7

For Valentine’s Day this year, treat your significant other to a sweet dessert from The Capital Candy Jar! You’ll get to choose from chocolate-covered pretzels to peanut butter cups, lollipops, gummy bears, flavored popcorn, ice cream, and more delicious snack items. 

If you’re not sure exactly what to get, a few yummy flavored popcorns are caramel and yellow cheddar. Some of the ice cream flavors range from vanilla and chocolate to pecan and cold brew chip. And a few candies they have are milk chocolate-covered almonds, milk chocolate-covered sea salt caramels, and chocolate-covered Oreos. 

Once you step through the doors of Capital Candy Jar, you’ll take in a warm, welcoming environment. You’ll see chocolates sitting behind the glass counter, an ice cream counter, a wall of merchandise, and a patriotic theme throughout the place with lots of red, white, and blue colors. Whether you want to stop by and get an assorted box of candy or perhaps caramel popcorn and vanilla ice cream for your partner this romantic holiday, be sure to visit Capital Candy Jar!