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They Are Cooking up “Great Things” at The Smith in Washington D.C.

Apr 7

The term “The Smith” means a maker of great things, which is exactly what the downtown, trendy, restaurant in Washington D.C. is here to achieve. At The Smith restaurant, you can assure that you will be treated like royalty while indulging in some of DC’s finest cuisine. 

Grab some lunch and explore the delicious lunch menu at The Smith with favorites that include Spaghetti Bolognese, goat cheese omelet, butternut squash schnitzel, and the classic shrimp and grits. If it’s dinner time and you want to sit down for a nice, relaxing evening full of flavorful food and zesty cocktails, try something from the exquisite dinner and cocktail menu. The raw oyster bar is certainly drawing a crowd, as well as the veggie burger royale, the smoked salmon and of course, we can’t forget the steak! New York strip, bone-in ribeye, and filet mignon are all available options. 

Finally, take a taste test of one of the many different specially crafted cocktails. The Sail Away is a popular bubbly favorite with tequila Blanco, rose water, and lemon flavors blending nicely, also for bourbon lovers, the buck up is a nice twist to a traditional bourbon. With grapefruit and ginger flavors and a hint of allspice dram. 

So come out and explore the “great things” cooking up at The Smith restaurant in Washington D.C. and see for yourself just how great your meal could be!