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Red Light Bar and Detroit Pizza: A Delicious Way to Grab a Bite of Authentic Detroit-Style Pizza in Washington D.C.

May 15

Do you crave some good, hearty, cheesy pizza every now and again? Who doesn’t, right? Well good news for you, if you’re in the Washington D.C. area, you can enjoy some hot and fresh, Italian pizza at Red Light Bar and Detroit Pizza. Currently open for dine-in or contact-less delivery, the Red Light Bar and Detroit Pizza offer a nice selection of different pizza styles and other incredible menu options to choose from. 

Perhaps, one of the most popular pizza styles is the saucy, Detroit-style pizza that Red Light Bar is serving up. It’s a Detroit pizza (sauce on the top) with plenty of different toppings and baking styles to choose from. Try the Model T Detroit pizza, topped with ham, bacon, pineapple, and chives, or the 6Mile, which is a Detroit pizza with toppings to include salami, pepperoni, and pickled jalapenos and spicy honey. 

If you’re looking for something other than a pizza pie, they also have a variety of other menu options like the Ambassador bridge salad, or the Gordie sticks which are cheesy herbed garlic breadsticks with a vodka dipping sauce. 

Pop in today at the Red Light Bar and Detroit Pizza or visit their website at and order yours now.