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A question we often get is “So, why Coda?” Our name originated from the symbol “Coda,” used to signify a concluding passage of a piece of music or movement. For many, your home is your own personal Coda. It’s where you wake up motivated, ready to take on the day and where you look forward to bringing each day to an end.

But Coda is more than just a place for you to rest your head or store your things. Coda at Bryant Street was specifically designed to be your haven for a genuine expression of creativity and imagination, whatever form that may be. To inspire that, we’ve incorporated traces of local artistry throughout the building and we encourage residents, no matter what state of life you’re in, to embrace your true self.

The same can be said about the Northeast D.C. neighborhood where Coda at Bryant Street is located. People, for people; who stood out for standing up to injustice, built the Edgewood community. Both integrity and thoughtful expression through art helped shape the character of this corner of DC.

Our residents are interested and interesting, and appreciate the sense of connection and inspiration that Coda at Bryant Street affords. Not only the personal connection, but also being so connected to everything the city has to offer – while removed enough to feel distanced from the frenzy and fray of more populated areas. This is a place that speaks to people who are comfortable with who they are, yet always striving to learn, be and do more.

Are you ready to be part of something a little different?